Friday, August 27, 2010

Request #11

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Looking for : Black cheongsam top (with or without patterns, with sleeve or sleeveless [doesn't matter], but preferrably plain black)
"I once saw this but the cutting is awfully weird and it doesn't fit me well, so I didn't get it. But, I want one so badly. Please let me know if you're selling off yours or you know where to buy one. I would really, really appreciate it. Thanks! :)"

*p/s: I want something similar to the picture. Not exactly the same one, because the one in the picture is blue and the one I want is black. Or maybe not black, something like picture 2 will be nice as well :) just send me an email if you see something similar ya. thanks a bunch

Request #10

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Looking for : Bondage Dress (like the picture above)
"Im looking for exact piece like this, which can fit UK4-6. PLEASE PLEASE mail me. Price must be less than 50bucks"

Monday, August 23, 2010

Request #9

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Looking for : Pumpkin's Braided Princess Maxi & Black Wedges in Size 39/40 (exact same one in the picture) 
"I just saw the maxi dress earlier, unfortunately, it's all sold out. And the wedges, I've been looking for them for ages! Help me out! :)"

Monday, August 16, 2010

Request #8

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Looking for : Black Blazer (exact same one in the picture)
"I'm looking for this black blazer, if anyone's re-selling it, do email me :) the exact same one with the same price (or lower), RM42 :D oh, and it must be fitting for UK 4-6. thank you so much in advance ;D"

Request #7

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Looking for : Grey Cardigan (similar/exactly like the picture above)
"Been looking for it on blogshops but seems like most of them sell those with puffy sleeves. If you happen to sell/see something similar/exactly like this, do mail me. :D"

Request #6

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Looking For : Suede Wedge in Black (not leather, as shown above)
"I've been searching everywhere for this wedge but can't seem to find one that I want exactly, many blogshops are selling this wedge but in leather, I want it suede(velvet/fake calf skin/fake fur), I'm a size 4, size 5 fits me well too, anyone who is selling this with affordable price(Rm90 below) do hit me back asap, brand new only please. Thank you!"

Request #5

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Looking for :  Long/ Short Sleeves cardi in Grey/Dark Grey (exactly like the picture above)
"I'm a XS/S person, thus it'd be great if the cardi is small-sized/ fitting. Budget not beyond RM40. Only brand new item is preferred. (Pic Credits to Hana Boutique)."

Request #4

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Looking for : Toga Dress (just like the picture above)
"Its originally from Phat Culture but unfortunately has been sold out and its not restockable. If anyone bought this from them and planning to resell it, do buzz me aight. Thx!"

Request #3

Looking for : Buckle Flats (shown above)
"I saw this flats/sandals before at cotton on. Wondering if anyone is selling this. Thanks" 

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Request #2

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Looking for : Tattoo Hosiery
"Does anyone know where can I get Tattoo Hosiery? They used to sell it on ASOS but the one I wanted was sold out. :( Anything similar?"